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Lesson 1: State of the Union (Send Money!)

Rhonda explains how a terrible misunderstanding regarding a franchisee's death at her corporate training seminar landed her in prison and why her *temporary* incarceration is just another chance to turn one of life's lemons into Lemonade!

Lesson 2: Building Relationships (Threats work!)

Rhonda shares her expertise on how to build relationships! She also gets a new cell mate/potential employee.

Lesson 3: Customer Outreach (Words matter!)

Rhonda explains how to reach your target demo through fool proof customer outreach techniques! (Hint: it's all about communicating!) She's also forced to downsize Lisette, but employee turnover is a part of any business.

Lesson 4: Location, Location, Location (Join me!)

Rhonda explains the importance of Sample Stand location and where to find the most foot traffic! She also attempts to escape prison with mixed results.

Lesson 5: Foreign Markets (I See London, I see France...)

Rhonda explains how to think big and act big, by taking your franchise to new and exciting places! She also deals with an ambitious young cell mate...Stephanie.


Lesson 6: Death of a Saleswoman

Rhonda finds a way to reunite with her beloved franchise owners.



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Still5.png Actress/Creator Hesley Harps serves up laughs with new web series 'Live It Up Lemonade'

"Creator Hesley Harps is turning this concept into liquid comedy gold with her new web series Live It Up Lemonade."

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.39.04 PM.png

Comedy Cake: We talk to UCB Alum HESLEY HARPS About Her Dark Comedy Series ‘LIVE IT UP LEMONADE’

"Harps' tip top comedy skills really shine in this drinkable new series"


Comedy Cake: Video Licks: Watch The Final Episode of The LIVE IT UP LEMONADE Series “Death of A Saleswoman”

"When we last left our Live It Up Lemonade pimpin’ criminal Rhonda (Hesley Harps), she was getting into a violent skirmish with a volatile cell mate..."

HESLEY HARPS Turns a Prison Sentence into Sweetness with New Dark Comedy Web Series ‘LIVE IT UP LEMONADE’

LOS ANGELES (September 21, 2017) – Creator/Actor HESLEY HARPS turns a prison sentence into sweet laughs with her new original dark comedy web series, LIVE IT UP LEMONADE, launching online September 27th at and on YouTube.

LIVE IT UP LEMONADE follows Rhonda (Harps), a recently incarcerated lemonade saleswoman, as she shares her tricks of the trade from behind bars to help her franchisees get rich. With a life goal to sell lemonade or die trying, Rhonda started as the manager of Live It Up Lemonade training seminars. After probably (definitely) murdering one of the trainees, her sweet life turned sour. Now in prison, she continues to train franchise owners from a bootleg online app with trade tips recorded on a smuggled-in cell phone.

The 6-episode series is an extension of the successful one-woman live show Harps created and performed for a year at Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in Los Angeles. To help bring the new prison-based world to life in the series, she turned to a few of her funny friends, including Luke Sholl (Very Mary Kate) and Arnie Pantoja (Hamlet 2). 

Harps is excited to now share Rhonda with the masses, adding “Have you ever been trapped in an elevator with a crazed neighbor who wants to share her genius idea with you? That’s Rhonda, but instead of an elevator she’s in federal prison.”

A Georgia native, Harps has built a solid reputation for her comedy skills. She appears as a recurring sketch comedian on the TBS late-night show, Conan, best known for her portrayal as an out-of-work SeaWorld trainer teaching tricks to Mr. O’Brien. She gained fans appearing regularly on Funny or Die and CollegeHumor, starring in online exclusives and also on HBO’s Funny or Die Presents. Her television credits also include a recent role on NBC’s new hit-series This Is Us, along with appearances on New Girl, Adam Ruins Everything, The Adam Carolla Show and more. She honed her comedy chops performing at UCB for two years on a Maude team (SNL-style sketch team). Before moving to Los Angeles, Harps performed regional theater throughout the south and east coast. 

Hesley Harps is represented by Principal Entertainment (Los Angeles) and Houghton Talent (Atlanta, GA).

Watch LIVE IT UP LEMONADE beginning September 27, 2017 at:
Or for more about HESLEY HARPS visit:

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